Food is Lust

by Julie Kalivretenos on September 20, 2007

I’m a total foodie and a Food Network junkie. I subscribe to most of the popular culinary rags like Bon Appetit, Gourmet, Food & Wine, Saveur, and Vegetarian Times to name a few. When my husband and I travel, a big highlight is all about the restaurants we’ll visit. I’ve managed to find a meat substitute for just about everything and I’m completely seduced by the whole experience of preparing a fine meal and savoring it with a beautiful wine.

Now, if it hadn’t been for all of these aforementioned pleasures, I probably would have gone raw a long time ago. But what I didn’t understand until recently is that raw food is not an end to culinary delights, dooming to a life of celery sticks and sprouts. Raw food, in itself, rather is a whole ‘nother alchemy of food as art. Once that trigger in my little brain activated, I was finally able to let go of what I thought was so scary and see it as a creative venture with the best health benefits and a new world of possibilities.

Yesterday I was not so hungry in general. But by late afternoon, all I could think about was making raw sushi using the “rice” technique in “Raw Food, Real World”. It was my first time preparing this, but not my first time eating it. My husband and I ordered the sushi at Pure Food & Wine back in June and I was amazed that a jicama/pine nut combo could imitate rice and taste so great! I never missed the rice.

I made about 8 total varieties of rolls. They all got wolfed down fast, but my husband and daughters were still hungry and wanted to make some Quorn Chik’n nuggets. If you haven’t tried these, they are delicious and addictive, and proceeded to screw up my 100% raw day because I ate 4 of them.

<3 JMK

  • Deika

    gosh Julie, the sushi looks amazing! I wish I had the patience to make homemade kimchi :) I was a total foodie too, I lived in DC a major foodie town and moved to Italy where food is like a religion. At first I thought I’d miss all the wonderful cheeses, the amazing pastas. I was a vegetarian, went Vegan in 2005 and then had a major health crisis winter 2006 and that was it. I went raw and you are right it really is way more sofisticated and intriguing than I thought. Also when I occasionally have cooked food out of necessity ie pizza w/no cheese just veggies, pasta with fresh tomatoes, aways feel physically bad the next day. Not guilt, just feel bad. I live in Marsala which has more vinyards than Bordeaux, Napa or Sonoma County. The wine was harder, but I automatically consumed less due to food being simpler, I wasn’t eating things that would absorb the alcohol. Now once in a while I indulge but I get killer headaches for the next day or two. Ciao bella lov n’ veggies Dea xo

  • Angela Moore

    Random question: I am starting my own blog to share my photography experiences. Do you find it hard or easy to post consistently?

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